Principal Mew's Coffee Hour Takeaways

Mahalo to all of the 27 parents who could join us for yesterday's Principal's Coffee Hour. It was wonderful to interact with our Cougar 'Ohana (we miss that too) and to hear your concerns and questions, so ultimately we can do a better job. 
Below are some of the topics that were brought up and Principal Mew's and Curriculum Coordinator Shareen Muryama's responses: 

Problem or Concern

Principal’s Response

Multiple Platforms

*Too many different platforms from different teachers confuses students and can cause them to turn in late work.

*Multiple platforms within one class can cause computers to slow down and may cause students to miss out on the lesson. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to watch videos.


Teachers are able use platforms they think is best to each their students. For example, Blackboard is a better for higher math classes.  
Other positive comments from parents: Students get used to the platforms and then they are fine. My teen is tech savvy. 


What can a parent do if they suddenly have connectivity issues while school is in session?


Please email your teacher once you are able to. If connectivity issues persists, please email [email protected]

The lack of physical activity is apparent.

My child finds it hard to sit during entire class in front of a computer.

*Teens need physical and mental breaks to step away from the computer.

*Students don’t have the 7 minute passing to get from one class to another to release the stress of sitting in a class for 75 minutes or so.

*PE should not be a sit down in front of the computer for an hour about the importance of exercise. Maybe require a PE log.

Physical movement is important. In Mr. Bataluna’s music classes, he has his students do stretches before playing their instrument. Will forward to teachers to think of ways to get students to move around more.

Other positive and fun comments from parents:
*Have PE teachers require students to rake leaves. : )
*Have a group fitness class.
*Parents can have their teens wake up earlier and do some exercises before school – sit ups, jumping jacks, pull ups, lunges and stretches and maybe jog/walk on their street before school starts.
*Encourage your teen to exercise between classes 


Academic Honesty
*Some teachers give timed tests which are open note and other teachers do not tell students whether they can use notes or not; therefore, not creating a level playing field. Is there a standard that teachers are using for giving tests during distance learning?

This is a problem across the board from elementary to college. It comes down to academic honesty. 
This is an important issue and will forward your concern to teachers to ensure they make it clear what type of test it is they are administering .


*Is there a time during class dedicated for students to socialize and get to know each other, so it’s not strictly listening to the teacher and doing lessons? Socializing and creating friendships with others are so important during this pandemic and with everything being shutdown. There are many new students who do not know their classmates or teachers.
*Can there be socializing outside of class as well? Like an open chat room during lunch or recess? Or create WebEx meeting spaces?


Ms. Murayama spoke about how she allows her class a few minutes once class starts to talk among their selves, as if students were just walking into class. Then she gathers them to start the lesson. She acknowledged that this is very important and will forward to the teachers to suggest they allow time in class for socializing.
Creating an open chat room during lunch or recess is also a great idea. Will look into it to see if it’s possible.

Time and Communication Problems

*Teachers give a lot of assignments which is fine, but sometimes they are given during class that day and are told that the quiz/assignment is due the same day at 3PM. Not giving students adequate time. Can this be addressed?

*Can teachers who are unable to hold class for whatever reason, unexpected or planned post somewhere in the Google Classroom that class is cancelled, or email their students ASAP to notify them? Sometimes students are waiting upwards to 30 minutes not knowing what is happening.
*Sometimes teachers don’t have due dates on their platform for homework and students don’t turn them in on time.

Very good points. Thank you and we will follow up with our teachers regarding your concerns.

Hacking or Disruptive Students

*Our child had a class that was being hacked by someone who blasted loud music and typed racial slurs in the comments. The teacher had to end class because of this. How is this being addressed?
*My son also had a student who played a song with vulgar language. Teacher removed that student from the classroom.

The administration takes these incidences very seriously. There was one incident where the student was expelled from school. Teachers are now trained to remove students from the class, rather than completely end the class. Also, keeping a close eye on the participants to make sure everyone belongs in the class. There are ways to trace a hacker and the school will not tolerate them.

Attendance and Tardies
*My son has been marked absent when he was present.
*Or marked tardy when they weren’t. Then it’s on the student to follow up with the office. Can teachers double check before marking them absent or tardy?

Another great point. Will forward to teachers.


Overall Comments:

~ We are LOVING the distance learning.  The teachers are doing a great job.  My son's grades have never been better.  I have more insight into his education than ever before.  We are incredibly grateful for everything Kaiser has done.  The virtual classes provide structure to the days that would have been absent in the hybrid model which had so many self study days.  We are hoping things continue as they are through at least the second quarter.

~ Thank you Mr. Mew, Shareen, Ann and to all of Kaiser staff  and teachers for doing an AWESOME job!! Been so impressed with how the long distance has been going. Took a bit to get the hang of it but it's been going great!! Keep up the GREAT work!! We appreciate you!!


~ Great work to the administrative staff and all teachers.  We appreciate all your hard work for our students!

~ I can see a big improvement from q4. The teachers are much more engaged and organized, they understand the tech much better and are more engaged with my 2 boys than q4. I really appreciate all of their hard work and I see it.

~ My child is a freshman and I am very impressed with all the administration has done and the teachers working hard to teach in this environment.  Love the open and transparent communication.

~The teachers have been amazing!  My student feels comfortable communicating with teachers both during class and after class hours.  We have been so happy and impressed with the teachers and staff.  Additionally we appreciate the clubs that have been meeting virtually.  Thank you!  We would love to see this continue!!


Could you suggest some topics for our next coffee hour?

Social Interaction Support, Student Physical and Mental Health…