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Semester 2 - Bell Schedule/ AB Matrix/ Opt Out

Semester 2 Blended Learning Schedule
(schedule may be adjusted dependent on COVID-19 case counts)
Semester 2 begins January 6, 2021. All students should be attending classes virtually.
The following dates indicate which students will begin returning to campus.

January 19th  - Seniors and Juniors return to campus based on Hawaiian ElementalGroupings
February 1st  - Sophomores and Freshmen return to campus based on Hawaiian Elemental Groupings

Hawaiian Elemental Groupings
  • Honua (Earth): students with Last Name beginning A – Gn
  • Makani (Wind): students with Last Name beginning Go – Ln
  • Ahi (Fire): students with Last Name beginning Lo – Sam
  • Wai (Water): students with Last Name beginning San – Z
Q3/Q4 Return to Learn Example and Communication 
  • This document is a tool for students and families to use to see an example of a student's Q3/Q4 schedule and provide some clarifications. 
  • Grade and Hawaiian Element specific schedules are also included for your convenience. 
A-B Daily Rotation Schedule
  • A days = periods 1, 2, 3, 4; B days = periods 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Indicates which Hawaiian Elemental Group (Honua, Makani, Ahi, Wai) is
    scheduled to be on campus.
  • Students who submitted Semester 2 Opt Out form only attend classes
Semester 2 Bell Schedule
  • Shows times, periods, and Hawaiian Elemental Groups for a typical 2
    week cycle.
  • NOTE: Refer to the A/B Matrix for adjustments based on Holidays and
    other non-school days.
Opt-out Form & Opt-Out FAQ's
  • Only Parents/Guardians may sign the opt out form. Form must be downloaded, then either hand delivered or mailed to Kaiser High School.
  • If you do opt out, it will be for the entire Semester 2 (Quarters 3 & 4), unless the state moves into the GREEN zone. If that happens, everyone will be able to return to school. At the moment, Oʻahu is in the ORANGE zone. 
  • You may opt out at a later time (ie. cases worsen and you're not comfortable), however, your form must be received before transitioning to fully online.
Principal Mew's Slide deck to 12/17 All Families Meeting:  
Counselor Contacts
Outreach - 

Cougar ‘Ohana, here are some questions I have been receiving about Semester 2:

Q: We submitted our Opt-Out form, will we be getting any confirmation that it has been received?

A: At this time, no. But it will be notated on your Infinite Campus status. I will keep you updated as to what the status will say.   


Q: We missed the deadline of December 30, 2020, can we still submit the form?

A: Yes! Please make sure to drop it off at the office, or mail to: Kaiser High School, 511 Lunalilo Home Road, Honolulu, HI 96825


Q: We’re not sure and are still debating. Can we turn in the form later?

A: Yes. We understand that there are numerous factors involved in making such an important decision. Most notably is the Covid-19 case counts.