IBMYP Personal Project Night

Through investigation, planning, taking action and reflection; the student records their work in a process journal. Here, they address their personal project objectives through: 
  • the process they follow
  • the product or outcome they create
  • the  report or presentations they make that explains what they have done and learned. 
The number of completers this year was record breaking at 107. 
Several students took advantage of presenting their project formally in front of a focus group this past February:
While others waited to present during the IBMYP Personal Project Night: 

A highlight of the evening was an original Okinawan dance by Thomas Nitta, with Shiisaa, and speakers, Raine McAngus who spoke about his passion for writing with his book, 'The Divine Wind'; Chloe Yoshihiro took us through helping her sister to play the trumpet better; and Kayla Lum told us about her passion for volleyball and the creation of her 'How to Play Volleyball Tutorial'.
During this awards night, six students who are entering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program are awarded a $500 scholarship to help offset the cost. The scholarship is based upon the completion and rating of the Personal Project. This years winners are: 
Sofia Carlson
Chloe Yoshihiro
Ranson Kaya
Marina Clarke
Ray Okada
Ann Watanabe
Congratulations to all IBMYP Personal Project Completers. It is a wonderful milestone to complete on your continued educational path.