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Planning and Support

nWhat: College Workshops with Ms. Nii and Mr. Teraoka.
Who: Seniors only. You are encouraged to attend ALL 6.l
Where: CCRC (H101)
When: 2:30pm-3:30pm.
How: Sign up on Naviance like a College Visit.

Careers & Majors – How do I find a career that will allow me to focus on what matters most to ME and will provide me with the lifestyle that I want?

Tues 8/17 or Thurs 8/19


The College Search – WHERE do you want to study to reach your career goal? There are over 3000 colleges and universities. How do you decide where to apply?

Tues 8/24 or Fri 8/27


Create a Great College List – Learn how to build/refine your college list using guidelines and resources to assist with the process.  Students should come having completed a college search on Naviance (SuperMatch).

Tues 8/31 and Thurs 9/2


College Application Checklist and Types of Applications– Learn about all of the required parts of a college application so that you can present yourself in the best light. Some topics to be covered: 

Types of Applications, The Common Application, Deadline Types, Is this a reach, maybe, or a match for ME?, Interviews & portfolios, What matters most to colleges?

Tues 9/7 or Thurs 9/9


Requesting Transcripts & Letters of Rec - This process ensures that deadlines are met and applications are completed properly to put your best face forward to colleges. We discuss letters of recommendation, school reports, transcripts, senior survey, your responsibilities for making sure that colleges receive what they need in a timely manner.

Tues 9/14 or Thurs 9/16


Get your FSA ID and Get Ready to Apply for the FAFSA- A brief overview of Federal Student and the FAFSA Application process. Students must know their social security number and will create their FSA ID at the workshop. This will prepare students to apply for the FASA which opens on Oct. 1. Attending this workshop does replace your attendance to the financial aid workshops mentioned above.

Tues 9/21 or Thurs 9/23


KHS College & Career Planning Supports and Programs


Individual and Family Conferences — Individual and family conferences to discuss post high plans are scheduled upon request starting in the spring of junior year. 


Sr. Year Kick Off Night—Fall:  Information to kick off the senior year. Alumni  attend to share about their college/career experiences. College and grade level counselors share information for a successful senior year. Leadership share important graduation and senior year event information. For seniors and their parents.


Jr. Future Planning Night--Information night for juniors and their parents held in the fall. Information from the college & grade level counselors and the class leadership.


College Financial Aid Information Night-held in the fall at our school. Open to all students and parents.


IBDP. IBCP. AP, RS Information Night - This event is for students and parents to receive information and ask questions about the following programs offered here:  International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, International Baccalaureate Career-Related Program, Advanced Placement, and Running Start (dual college and high school credit). This night is scheduled in the fall before registration for the following school year.


College & Career Planning Class Visits College and grade level counselors meet with seniors once in the fall and juniors in the fall and spring to go over important tasks and information related to graduation and college & career planning. 


College & Career Speakersabout 70-80 local and mainland college admission and career reps visit us each fall (few in the spring as well). Students sign up on Naviance. Teacher permission is required to attend. Open to all students.


Summer/Fall College Kick Start WorkshopsStudents will build their college list, learn about the application process, Common Application, the college essay, letters of recommendation, financial aid, scholarships and more. For seniors only.


Naviance®  Family Connection is a web-based college and career research tool for our students. Naviance allows  students to learn about themselves, their interests, and develop  college and career plans.  Naviance®  questions can be directed to appropriate grade level counselors.  Students receive their accounts during the second quarter of their freshman year. Parents may request a parent account by submitting a request form to H101.  Forms are available in H101, the registrar’s office, or as a download on Naviance®. 


Personal Transition Plan (Jr. Guidance Course) This semester credit is required for graduation and taken during jr. year.  It provides students with knowledge and skills in learning about themselves, exploring life goals, careers and occupations, relating school subjects to future career needs, and making tentative long and short-range educational and/or career plans.


Advisory ClassAll teachers provide guidance activities to their advisory students.  Classes meet once a week during all 4 years of high school. Some college and career readiness activities are prepared by the CCRC.

PSAT/NMSQT® Test—Fall—All students in gr. 9-11 are able to register for this exam that is given on campus once a year in the fall. Registration information is available in the library, office, and H-101. The test is administered once a year.


ASVAB® Test-Fall & Spring—The ASVAB is a multiple-aptitude battery that measures developed abilities and helps predict future academic and occupational success in the military. It is administered annually to more than one million military applicants, high school, and post-secondary students. Students in grades 10-12 can sign up to take the test to help with career planning.  This test is administered on campus once in the fall and spring.


Advanced Placement—AP® Program  The AP curriculum, administered by The College Board, consists of standardized high school courses that are roughly equivalent to undergraduate college courses. After completing an AP class, students typically take the AP exam in that subject, which can earn them credits and accelerated placement in college. Registration for courses takes place in November for the following school year. Application forms and fees are required.


Dual Credit/Running Start Program --Running Start is a program that allows “eligible” high school students to take a college course at a University of Hawaii system campus as part of their high school coursework. The unique partnership between the Hawaii State Department of Education and the University of Hawaii System allows public and charter high school students to attend college classes during the fall, spring, and summer while earning both high school and college credits. Deadline for students to meet with their grade level counselor is Oct. 1 for Spring semester and Feb. 1 for Summer and Fall semesters.


College & Career Fair Fall and Spring —Students are invited to sign up to attend the NACAC College Fair with the school in the fall, usually followed by a UH Manoa campus tour. Students and families can attend on their own.  Register for the fairs at:


Local College Campus Tours

--driven by student interest. Dates and information to be announced.



Image result for naviance logo CLICK TO SIGN IN:  KAISER HS NAVIANCE LOGIN
Naviance by Hobsons is a comprehensive K-12 college and career readiness platform that enables self-discovery, career exploration, academic planning, and college preparation for millions of students across all ages and around the globe.
Students and Parents..... Kaiser utilizes Naviance to help students identify their interests, strengths, and to explore colleges, etc.
Almost all Naviance activities can be completed at any time. Students do not need to wait for tasks to be assigned. Get a jump on your planning. Never too early to start!
Parents - Get involved! Yes, students need to drive this process, but parents can support and cheer their kids on. Get a Naviance Parent account to stay on top of what's going on. Complete the attached form (to the right) and send it back to us in H101 via your student or scan and email.  

Post High Activity

Completion Guideline

(students are able to access and work on most tasks at any time)

Gr. 9

Gr. 10

Gr. 11

Gr. 12

Game Plan  - Naviance®

Complete once

Catch up

Catch up

Catch up

Cluster Finder  -Naviance®

Complete once

Catch up

Catch up

Catch up

Personal                 statement                 Students should save their work electronically on a flash drive so that each year is an update.

Year 1 Draft

Year 2 Draft

Year 3 Draft

Final Draft Due

SMART Goals              Naviance®


Set goals for  current school year

Set goals for  current school year

Set goals for  current school year

StrengthsExplorer®       Naviance®


Complete once

Catch up

Catch up

Career Interest Profiler  - Naviance®


Complete once

Catch up

Catch up

Resume   - Naviance®





SuperMatch® College Search and add at least 5 schools to colleges that I'm applying to on Naviance ®





Sample (or real) Job Application




Catch up

Sample (or real) College Application





 College Planning Year by Year -

see planning calendars attached in the right column


Grade 09  EXPLORE and select your course selections for high school carefully. Insure that you will have the necessary academic courses for 4-year colleges and requirements to play Division I or II sports if desired. Begin exploring post-high school interests. Take the PSAT to get a feel for the test and to identify areas that you need to work on! All 9th graders will take the Pre-ACT in the spring. Complete the Personality Type Inventory on Naviance and set some goals for yourself.  Get involved in student activities, including athletics.    HAVE FUN! READ!


Grade 10 PLAN your high school experience with rigorous academics, occupational exploration, testing and self-appraisal. Take art, keyboarding and world language for post-high school preparation. Remember, colleges look for a school record that reflects a rigorous course load.  Take the PSAT in the fall.  All 10th graders will take the Pre-ACT exam in the spring.  Complete the Career Interest Inventory and set goals on Naviance.  Check the Kaiser website for college planning information. FOCUS! READ!


Grade 11 ACT on your plans toward your goals. Take the PSAT again in the fall. Begin gathering information via Internet, college handbooks or visit the College Career Center in H101.  Visit colleges if possible. All juniors will take the ACT in the spring at school.  Take SAT in the spring.  Register on your own. Keep up with your Advisory and Naviance assignments.  Meet with college admissions counselors, career speakers, and college fair. Schedule an individual and family conference with the College & Career Counselor in the spring.  Attend the College Kick Start Workshops during the summer before your senior year.  Your junior year is most critical. Make it reflect your true abilities.  READ! VOLUNTEER! DO WHAT YOU LOVE.


Grade 12 CHALLENGE yourself academically through your last year in high school. Take the SAT and ACT again if needed.  Attend college application workshops in H101 during summer and fall.  Make an appointment with College Counselor at least one month prior to application deadlines.  When choosing a college, carefully consider your interest and abilities, and research financial aid and your goals. Be realistic. Applications should be completed no later than the end of the first semester. Work on financial aid and scholarships during the 2nd semester. Finish the year on a positive note.  Colleges expect students to continue with a rigorous course load and strong academic performance through the end of the school year.  Make sure final transcripts are sent to the college to which you are attending. GET IT DONE!



Do you qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch?


Students who qualify for the free or reduced lunch program may also qualify for waivers for the PSAT (gr. 11 only), ACT, SAT, AP,

NCAA, college applications, etc. Please check with Ms. Nii in the college and career resource center and APPLY FOR the FREE OR

REDUCED LUNCH PROGRAM to find out if you are eligible. EZMealApp



Do you qualify for testing accommodations?


Students who need accommodations for testing should speak to their grade level counselor right away.



Grade Level Counselors 

Rene Tottori, c/o 2022                          x 2242

Stephanie Takashima,  c/o 2023         x 2244

Norine Ishii, c/o 2024                           x 2246

Branden Kawazoe, c/o 2025               x 2240

IB Program Coordinators

Kristie Yamamoto, Middle Years Programme
Shareen Murayama, Career–Related Programme
Bradley Bogard, Diploma Programme          


cCollege Essay Guy's Virtual College Road Trip | Recordings here

Two weeks ago, we partnered with StriveScan to host a virtual college fair with 80+ colleges and universities; 2,000+ students registered and attended.


Missed it? Don't worry. We've got recordings! You can catch up and take a virtual college road trip from the comfort of your own home. Check out the recordings, including my opening session on How to Develop a Preliminary College List in Under an Hour.


TeenLife College Prep Expo | Register here

On Thursday July 22 from 6-7:45pm Eastern time, I'll be chatting college essays at TeenLife's College Prep Expo along with a handful of other panelists who will be sharing more on paying for college, standardized testing, and more.

Can't make the sessions? Don't worry, they've got recordings.


The Advanced Personal Statement Course for Students
August 10th - August 21st

Students: Learn More & Register


How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation | Guide Here

If you're a junior, COVID-19 might've made asking for teacher recommendations a little trickier (and likely something you're doing via email). This guide covers a few important things to keep in mind. And check in with your school's college counselor to find out if there's a specific process your school is using.


College Essay & Application Kick-off for Juniors (Webinar Recordings)

ICYMI, here are the recording from last week's webinars:

How to Write an Outstanding Personal Statement (Part 1) Recording Here

    • The Purpose of the Personal Statement (i.e., What Colleges Are Looking for)
    • Two Fun Ways to Find Your Personal Statement Topic
    • How (and Why) to Show Your Core Values
    • Two Successful Personal Statement Examples
    • Topics to Potentially Avoid
    • Q&A

How to Create an Outstanding College Application (Part 2) | Recording Here

    • A Sane College Application Timeline
    • The Importance of Finding and Showing Your Core Values (Again)
    • The Other Essential Parts of Your College Application
    • Tips for Creating a Great Activities List
    • How to Make Use of the Additional Info Section
    • How (and When) to Address COVID-19 in Your Application
    • Q&A

* * * * * * * * * * * *

5 Productivity Tools That Budding Entrepreneurs Can Use This Summer | Recording Here

ICYMI, I led a super fun webinar last week with Bonnie Swift, where we covered:

  • What is self-directed learning?
  • Why is it more important now than ever?
  • How to Know if You’re Spending Spending the Time the Way You Want
  • How to Create Your Ideal Week
  • How to Increase Your Productivity & Get Better Sleep (Especially If Great Ideas Keep You Up at Night)


Starting in July, Bonnie is leading Uncommon Summer, a 4-week mini-course for helping students develop their leadership capacities, then brainstorm and potentially launch a self-directed project. It's pay-what-you-can.

Free Essay Coaching for High-Achieving, Low-income Students


The Matchlighters Scholars Program offers free college application and essay counseling for high-achieving, low-income students from experienced college counselors. Do you (or someone you know) qualify? Consider applying. Are you a counselor with a few years of experience looking to devote a few hours to coach a student one-on-one? We'd love to have you.



Sharing a few resources that you may find useful in the coming months.c


9th & 10th Graders

College Admissions Timeline - A high-level timeline and list of resources that tracks the college admissions process from 9th through 12th grade.

Finding Your Purpose - Research shows that finding your purpose can lead to greater health, less depression and less anxiety. Check out the Purpose Challenge from the very awesome Greater Good Science Center in Berkeley.

Learning How to Learn - This free course from Coursera covers some useful topics for any high schooler, including learning how to "chunk" studying tasks, tackle procrastination, and better understand the relationship between sleep and learning potential.

The Values Exercise - It's great to begin the college planning journey by thinking about your core values. How do you find those? This video will help you find them in less than 5 minutes.


11th Graders

How to Create a Great College List - Spring is a great time for juniors to begin thinking about developing a college list. (Not decide—I said begin!) This guide will help you discover: Who am I and what do I want from college? How can I learn more about colleges? How can I assess my admission chances?

How to Research Colleges (Without Visiting a Campus) - Wondering how to "visit" colleges in the midst of a global pandemic? This guide can help.

How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation - Junior year teachers are great candidates for recommendations. But what goes in that letter, plus when (and how) do you make the request? Find out here.


12th Graders

Study Tips in College: MIT's Office of the First Year has a series of awesome guides and resources for helping students develop study plans and time management skills as they transition into the first semester of college.

How to Write a Scholarship Essay: A Complete Guide + Examples - This guide answers the top 10 most common scholarship essay questions. You'll also find a spreadsheet you can use to track scholarship prompts.

College Interview Guide - In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn everything you need to know to prep for an interview (even if you only have an hour). But first: How much do interviews really matter?