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Attendance Practices, Reporting Absences and Early Releases Procedures

Kaiser High School 


Attendance - Students are expected to regularly attend all classes. 

Public schools' attendance policy is governed by state law and Board Policy 4140: Compulsory School Attendance Policy. It states: "The Department of Education shall make every effort to ensure student school attendance in accordance with the compulsory attendance law." The State of Hawaii's compulsory attendance law (Hawaii Revised Statutes 302A-1132).


For all absences, it is the student’s responsibility to coordinate and plan make up opportunities for missed classes, assignments, and assessments with their teachers. 

Daily absences will be marked excused for these reasons: 

  1. Illness;
  2. Other Verifiable Medical Conditions; or
  3. Family Bereavement 

Notify the school by one of the following methods:

  • Call the school during business hours (M-F-except state holidays from  7:30 am - 4:00 pm); or
  • Upon return to school, the student submits a note to the front office.

     Either method, please include the following information:

  •   Student’s Name, Grade 
  •   Dates of Absence 
  •   Reason for Absence 
  •   Parent/Guardian Name & Contact Phone Number 
  •   Parent/Guardian Signature 

For excused absences more than 3 consecutive days: Make-up work can be requested through the counselor. Teachers will need a minimum of 24-hour notice to prepare assignments. Parents can call on Day 3 to request make-up work.

Planned extended absences 

For situations when students miss 3 or more consecutive school days, complete and submit an Extended Absence Form to the front office two weeks prior to absence. 

School Related Events/Activities 

DOE and school approved events/activities, such as field trips, performances, athletics, will be designated as Authorized School Activity (ASA) for attendance. ‘ASA’ are not considered absences. 


For suspensions between 1 and 10 days, teachers will provide make-up work and set deadlines for completion. Serious discipline, suspensions beyond 10 days, will have an alternative education plan put in place.


Truancy means that the student is absent from school or class without authorization of the principal or designee. The school administrator will proceed with consequences as outlined by DOE regulations, in concert with working agreements with HPD and/or the Family Court. Under law, truancy is a “status offense”...Students who are chronic absentees may be referred to Family Court. Pursuant to H.R.S. 571-11(2), Family Court can place a child under jurisdiction for truancy if the child is not attending school or is not receiving the educational services required by law.

Early Release Requests 

For appointments that cannot be arranged outside of school hours, parent/guardian should inform the school by calling the school during business hours (M-F-except state holidays from  7:00 am - 4:00 pm) , or submitting a note to the front office at least one school day prior to the appointment date. Request must include: 

  • Student’s Name, Grade 
  • Date & Time of Release 
  • Reason for Release 
  • Parent/Guardian Name & Contact Phone Number 
  • Parent/GuardianSignature 

If requests are not turned in at least one school day prior to the appointment date and/or cannot be verified with a parent/guardian, the request may be denied, unless the student is picked up by the parent/guardian at the school office. 


Students who report to class after the official start time will be marked tardy. Students who miss more than half of the class period will be considered absent for that period. 

School Attendance Notification 

Parents/Guardians will be alerted via telephone call through the school’s attendance reporting system for absences and tardies (excused or unexcused). The communications will be made between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Note: The attendance reporting system will make contact with the primary phone number listed in our student information system. To update your primary phone and email contacts, please call the Registrar’s Office (808-394-1200 ext 2239). Parents can choose an alternate number as the primary phone number, i.e. personal cell phone.