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OCTOBER 12, 2020 
School Transition Plan: 

here are Kaiser High Schools transition plans as laid out by Principal Mew:

1) Letter from Principal Mew describing the transition,  and

2) Schedule for Class of 2021. 

Distance Learning: Includes no in-person interaction between teachers and students. However, you'll likely rely on digital forms of communication such as messaging apps, video calls, discussion boards, and your school's learning management system (LMS)
Online Learning: Includes content that is delivered and accessed online. This may involve recorded videos, ebooks, etc. 
Face-to-Face Learning: Involves delivering content in-person. If technology is used, it would be purposefully integrated with educational technology and digital lessons. 
Hybrid/Blended Learning: Involves a variety of instructional resources and teaching methods in order to deliver content in -person and via distance learning. 
Asynchronous Learning: Asynchronous learning occurs through online collaboration tools without real-
time interaction such as discussion boards and blogs. There is no real-time interaction.
Synchronous Learning: Synchronous learning occurs through online collaboration tools that happen in real-time such as Goggle Meets, or Cisco WebEx. Synchronous learning refers to a learning event in which a group of participants is engaged in learning at the same time.




Q: “When will we know more about sports?”

A: The OIA and HHSAA will review situation on September 8th to see if practice will be able to resume on September 15th.


Q: "Will students have planners this year?"

A: No, there will be no planners this year. Due to a survey taken last year, most students do not use their planner. We will revisit this at the end of the school year. 


If you would like to request a device, please fill out the form here: Please fill out the form before coming to pick up so we can assure we have enough devices. After completing the form you may pick-up your device at the Kaiser High School library, Mondays from 2:30pm-3:30pm until further notice. 

Kaiser Gmail Student Accounts:
If your child has not logged into their Kaiser email account or if your child has forgotten their password or login, please email with your child’s full name and student id number to request log-in and password.

For tech questions, the email below was sent to everyone that picked devices. There are 3 offers for tech assistance at home. 
1. - school hours, excluding holidays 8am-2:15p
2. - Gmail password and login assistance 
3. - 24/7, excluding holidays see flyer below for services 
Take a tour around campus with us, locate your classroom and learn a little more about Kaiser High.

FULL WebEx Replays available

Mahalo to everyone who attended our New Student Orientation and All Families Orientation this past week. The events were very well attended, so much so, we don’t have a venue large enough on campus which could have accommodated everyone.

However, if you did miss the events, or missed a part of it, do not fret. Here are the full recordings below:

New Family Orientation, July 23 – Password – 154KaiserCougars


All Families Orientation, July 27 – Password – 154KaiserCougars


100% Distance Learning Meeting - Password - 154KaiserCougars


All Families Update Return to Learn, August 13 - Password - 154KaiserCougars


Senior Night Kick Off, August 25th - Password - 154KaiserCougars


For those curious about the 154 in the password, that is our DOE school code. A huge mahalo to Garrett Hatakenaka for being the host and making these playbacks available for you.

Online Library Resources
Click on Links to Access:
Students have password
Students have password
National Emergency Library - need a book for class? Sign in to 'borrow' books for up to 14 days. 
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