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Advanced Placement (AP) Program

See our KHS testing calendar and AP updates slide deck in the sidebar.
The AP Digital Exam App is now available to download to your laptop/desktop computer.
Students that are taking an AP Digital Exam in-school or at-home must download this onto their device to take the exam.

Use it to utilize the practice exams and get familiar with the digital format of the exam.

Refer to the AP Google Classroom to find instructions and important links (Are you taking an AP DIGITAL EXAM? DOWNLOAD THE DIGITAL TESTING APP ASAP!).

Here is the best site as a starting point:

AP 2-D Art (Kaiser class with Mr. Zakahi) and AP Drawing (Acellus):
Your deadline for online portfolio submission is: May 5, 2021, 3:00pm HST.
Acellus students - you must have both the school code and Coordinator key to submit - if you need these, please email Ms. Nii at
Acellus CSP students: Your Create Performance Task submission is May 20, 2021, 11:59 ET.
Please email Ms. Nii if you have questions on this action:
Kaiser High School AP Programs and Teachers 2020-2021
AP Biology - Janelle Torres
AP Calculus - Reinhardt Lai Hipp Jr
AP Computer Science - Garrett Hatakenaka
AP 2-D Art and Design - Brent Zakahi
AP English Language, Literature & Composition - Sarah Shiroma
AP Environmental Science - Riker Kasamoto
AP Psychology - David Higa
AP US History - David Tanabe
For other AP courses, please contact Ms. Nii or Mr. Teraoka.
  • All students enrolled in an AP course are required to take the CollegeBoard Exam and/or the final evaluation (e.g. AP Drawing portfolio submission).  Exams are administered at Kaiser High near the end of the school year.
  • Fees for 2021 AP Exams are collected in October 2020.  Fee reductions for students who qualify may be available, but are not guaranteed.  Regular Fee for 2021 is $95, reduced fee is $12.
  • Failure to take the exam will result in the student being graded on a regular 4-point (not the 5-point weighted) scale, AND the class being listed as a regular (non-AP) course on the student’s official transcript.
AP Students and Families Resources
Learn about the AP Program by CollegeBoard