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Expectations and Discipline

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As you may have heard from your students, there has been a recent divergence in opinion regarding the dress code.  While the code itself remains unchanged, enforcement of the code has been inconsistent.  In an effort to implement a more consistent approach, missteps have occurred which we are currently addressing.  It is for this reason that our administrative team has decided to take a pause to allow for the situation to reset and to allow our team to focus on more pressing issues.  During this pause, we ask that you review and discuss the dress code with your child(ren):

  1. Footwear will be worn on campus at all times. 
  2. Non-prescription dark glasses are not allowed in class or at indoor school events. 
  3. Hats/caps may be worn in the classroom only at the teacher's discretion. 
  4. Clothing and accessories that promote gangs, racism, violence, sexism, illicit substances, as determined by the school, are not permitted. 
  5. Tops should reflect a professional student learner appearance.
    1. Tops shall have shoulder straps.
    2. The hem of your top must be within two (2) inches of the waist of your bottom (shorts, pants, skirt, etc) - the width of your student ID is two (2) inches. 
  6. Bottoms (skirts, shorts, pants, etc.) must completely cover buttocks. 



We are also aware that many students currently feel compelled to actively protest the dress code.  As a school that supports the IB Learner Profile (specifically Open-minded Communicators who are attempting to exercise Risk-Taking strategies), we also ask that you encourage your children to also be Principled, Balanced, Caring, and Reflective as they express themselves.  While the administrative team respects all students’ rights, we have an obligation to maintain a level of order on the campus to ensure that all students, faculty and staff have a safe and effective learning environment.  That being said, should a student become disruptive, he/she will be removed from the situation and may receive further disciplinary action.