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2020 - 2021 Clubs
Henry J. Kaiser High School

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(26) CLUBS 


Academic-Related Clubs 

  • Chinese -Members explore Chinese culture and traditions through various activities.
  • Computer-Learn how to code, 3D model/print, and a lot more.
  • Cooking -Students will develop cooking skills and learn recipes they may need in their lifetime.
  • Drama -This club learns about drama in a workshop format, attends previews of community theater, and supports the school play, the Speech Festival, and the Shakespeare Competition.
  • Film Studies -Film enthusiasts will view films and discuss the elements of good film-making.
  • Graphics -Members learn valuable skills in graphic design and industrial arts through digital design programs and other art media.
  • Japanese -Members learn about Japan through volunteering at events and participating in cultural activities.
  • Math Team- Students who enjoy math should join this club to participate in Oahu Math League interscholastic competitions.
  • Model United Nations -Students discuss and debate global issues and world affairs after school and on weekends.
  • National Honor Society -Sophomores and Juniors with a minimum cum. G.P.A of 3.500 may apply for membership after 1st Term report cards are finalized. Selection is based not only on scholastic achievement, but also on service, leadership, and character.
  • Spanish -Members explore the music and history of different Spanish cultures.                                                            

Service Clubs 

(While all Kaiser clubs do service, service is the exclusive focus of these three clubs.)

  • Interact -The Interact Club provides opportunities for fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding. Affiliated with the Rotary Club.
  • Key -Students who love to serve others should join this intensive international service club that participates in many varied activities. Affiliated with the Kiwanis.
  • LEO -This active service club encourages “Leadership”, “ Experience” and “Opportunity”. Affiliated with the Lions Club.

Special Interest Clubs

  • Anime-Manga Club -Club members discuss anime, Manga, and  Japanese culture.
  • Chess -This club teaches members how to play chess, and also for those willingto compete in interscholastic chess tournaments.
  • GSA -This club serves to educate and empower students who are in or support the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Humane Society -This club works with the Hawaiian Humane Society to bring awareness to animal issues and care.
  • International -Club members will assist, support, and encourage international students to participate in school activities.
  • K-Pop -Members meet to analyze, discuss, and learn about K-POP.
  • Law -This club strives to create the lawyers of tomorrow and provides information on what it takes to become a member of the justice system.
  • LEAP -Leaving Earth At Peace Club is an environmental group focused on cultivating a mindset of living sustainably.
  • Medical -Club members will explore their interests in the medical field by meeting various doctors, and by participating in events that help the medical community.
  • Outdoors -Club members experience the outdoors by going on various hiking excursions and participating in various service projects.
  • Women in Leadership Organization-This club strives to empower girls by learning from female leaders within our community and from around the world.
  • Wipeout Crew-This club's purpose involves ocean safety and access, the improvement of our beaches, and connecting with the Hawaiian culture.