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Student Government

Learn.  Lead.  Serve.

Our Mission
1. Develop student leaders who learn and effectively apply democratic
principles and processes
2. Serve as a "voice" for student achievement and school improvement
3. Provide opportunities for service learning and volunteerism
4. Offer activities that students enjoy, and from which they can grow
socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically

Kaiser Student Council, 2022-2023


Student Body

President - Nana Hori

Vice President - Noran Elshikh

Recording Secretary - Ami Yoshimura

Corresponding Secretary -  Aimee Vierra

Treasurer - Macie Lum

Lead Hawaii State Student Council (HSSC) Rep - Brennan Tamashiro

Advisor - Mr. Paul Balazs


Class of 2023

President - Kalie Otani

Vice President - Sara Trent

Secretary - Emma Gallo

Treasurer - Claudia Wagenvoord

Advisor - Ms. Jasmine Mathew    

Class of 2024

President - Nikaiya Centra

Vice President - Anna King

Secretary - Logan Doi

Treasurer - Wyatt Mecham

Advisor - Mr. Brad Bogard


Class of 2025

President - Noelle Lum

Vice President - Skyla Dii

Secretary - Liane Wong

Treasurer - Rylan Moromisato

Advisor - Ms. Pu'u Grubbs


Class of 2026

President - Ava Phanthavong

Vice President - Isabela Sharp

Secretary - Melanie Van Epps

Treasurer - Payton Bumgarner

Advisor - Ms. Jaffe