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Below are some recommended scholarships with upcoming deadlines:
Financial Aid Questions???
Representatives from the UH financial aid office are available to assist you. They can be reached via email at:
dScholarships d
CB Opportunity Scholarship $500, then grows Deadline: July 31, 2020

Step 1: Build Your College List: $500, 100 per month until July 31, 2020.

Step 2: Practice for the SAT; $1,000, 150 per month until October 31, 2020.

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Opp U Achievers Scholarship $2,500 Deadline: September 30, 2020
The OppU Achievers Scholarship celebrates achievement in its many forms and honors those who create opportunity for themselves and others.
Just answer this essay prompt:
Please tell us why you’re an achiever. How have you created opportunity for yourself? How have you created opportunity for others? Did you start a small business? Are you the founder of a community program? How did you overcome the odds and make your dreams—or the dreams of others—come true?
Deadlines on June 30, and September 30, December 31, March 31
Click here or on the logo to apply.
AES Scholarship $500 Deadline: October 5, 2020
For seniors going to college.
ONLY an 500-1000 word essay: When you look back on your life in 30 years, what would it take for you to consider your life successful? What relationships or accomplishments will be important on this journey?
Click here or on the logo for more information.
  • To begin the application process, you should first apply directly to the service academy you wish to attend (i.e. the U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, U.S. Military Academy (West Point), and the U.S. Naval Academy).
  • You should then apply for all of the nominations for which you may be eligible including, but not limited to, your elected representatives in Congress (both U.S. Senators and the one U.S. Representative for your district) and the President and Vice President of the United States.s


Gabbard: 10/2/2020

Case: 10/15/2020

Schatz: 10/23/2020

Hirono: 10/31/2020

Click a Representative's name to link to their app.

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship $2,000 Deadline: October 31, 2020
You must create a UNIGO account to access this scholarship.
Submit an online written response to the question:
"Imagine that your high school or college has been overrun with zombies. Your math professor, the cafeteria ladies, and even your best friend have all joined the walking dead. Flesh out a plan to avoid the zombies, including where you’d hide and the top-five things you’d bring to stay alive." (250 words or less)
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ROTC Scholarships
  • Full tuition, fees, books, uniforms, yearly allowance
  • Check each for participating colleges and universities.
  • 4-8 years active service obligation.
  • Additional benefits
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Navy deadline - December 31, 2020
Air Force deadline - January 14, 2021
Army deadline - February 4, 2021
NROTC Full Tuition Plus Deadline: December 31, 2020

Juniors - the NROTC Scholarship is open!


  • The purpose of the Navy ROTC Program is to educate and train qualified young men and women for service as commissioned officers in the Navy's unrestricted line, the Navy Nurse Corps and the Marine Corps.

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Thiel Fellowship $100,000 Deadline: None

The Thiel Fellowship gives $100,000 to young people who want to build new things instead of sitting in a classroom.

Click here or on the graphic to apply.

No application deadline.

Great list of scholarships with a focus on Native Hawaiian advancement.
Click here or on the graphic to connect. See the list in the sidebar.
dFinancial Aid d
2 more great LOCAL financial aid tools.s
KCC shares 2 links to help you with issues around financial aid:k
Kuilei Courageous Conversations about Financial Aid:
Kapi‘olani CC's Community Workshop on Financial Aid:
p  f     g
Get all your financial aid questions answered for the UH system and BEYOND!
Frank Green and Gus Cobb-Adams.
Assist students and parents with
  • FAFSA,
  • SAR
  • Award letter questions
For institutional specific questions (awards, disbursements, refunds, etc.) students will be referred to the individual school's financial aid offices.

Speakers Frank Green and Gus Cobb-Adams from University of Hawai‘i provided answers to questions regarding college admissions and affordability, as well as what steps families can take to see if they qualify for financial aid, including completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


cMissed it live? No problem, click here or on the graphic to view the webinar or download the presentation, or click on the presentation in the sidebar.

And here are links:

Webinar Recording - Downloadable Version

Webinar Recording - YouTube Version

Webinar Slides
Additional Financial Aid Resources

2 Great Financial Aid Tools
  • Finding colleges that would give a student better financial aid and/or merit scholarships.

SwiftStudent: New Tool to Appeal Financial Aid Awards 

  • Appealing a financial aid award.

Click on the Titles to see more.


Navigating Financial Aid Once You’re Accepted (Part 1)This first guide will walk you through how to understand your financial aid award letter.

How to Write a Great Financial Aid Appeal Letter (Part 2): If the financial aid award you received from college is making it tough to attend, it might be worth appealing it. Here's a more detailed step-by-step guide to writing a great financial aid appeal letter.

Financial Aid Night PowerPoint from 9/24/2019
dArchive (Past posts) d
KASF $500 - $5,000 Deadline: June 30, 2020

Students with a Korean heritage studying in the United States regardless of citizenship status (including Korean Nationals). If extra funds are available, other students (non-Korean) may qualify for some scholarships

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ACT Scholarship Giveaway $15,000 + $5,000 Tech Package Deadline: June 26, 2020

Dream Big! Win Big!

Eligible sophomores, juniors and seniors who register for the ACT® test between 9.3.2019 and 6.26.2020 are automatically entered for a chance to win. It’s that easy!

Click here or on the logo to learn more.

Helpful FAFSA Links


7 Things You Need Before You Fill Out the 2019-20 FAFSA

2019-20 FAFSA Worksheet

2019-20 FAFSA (this is the paper FAFSA)

You Tube Video on Completing the FAFSA

FSA ID FAQs (everything you need to know about FSA ID including what to do if you forgot your username/password:

Completing the FAFSA Instructions (line-by-line instructions:

l     k
Update on 5/15/2020: Deadline extended until June 15, 2020 or they reach 75 students. Apply now!
  • Mission is to provide opportunities for transformative college experiences for students who have not considered higher education as a viable alternative because of financial or other barriers limiting college access.
  • Preference is given to Native Hawaiian applicants.
  • If accepted into this program, students are eligible to receive up to 13 credits of tuition assistance, as well as, assistance with fees, textbooks and supplies, along with many other types of support and access to campus services.
Email at or if you would like to speak to someone you can contact, LaVache Scanlan, Director of the Lunalilo Scholars Program, at (808) 734-9371.
Click here or on the logos for more information and to apply. See the app and referral forms in the sidebar.
Every application must be accompanied by a referral. Examples of a Referrer are teachers, counselors, coaches, social workers, advocates, pastors or mentors. Referrals cannot be from parents, relatives or friends.
Online applications and referral forms can be submitted until 11:59pm on Friday, May 17, 2020. Paper applications and paper referrals must be postmarked by Friday, May 15, 2020 to be considered.
Note to Applicant
If you are awarded this scholarship, you are REQUIRED to attend a 2-hour Program Orientation and a 7-day Summer Bridge Program (3 college credits) from 8:00am - 4:30pm daily (except weekends). Failure to complete requirements will deem you ineligible to receive the scholarship.
Students accepted into this program must be a 2020 high school graduate OR have a high school diploma OR have a GED by August 1, 2020.
Based on GPA, community service or employment and financial need.
Scholarship is available in H101, in the side bar and on Naviance.
Hawaiian Lodge F.&A.M. is a Masonic Fraternal Organization for men 18 years and older, which was first constituted in Hawaii in 1852.
Deadline - June 1, 2020.
It is not necessary that applicants be Okinawan, however, as we are an Okinawan club, applicants should have a demonstrable interest in the Okinawan culture (as just some examples: the Japanese Language, karate, Okinawan dance, taiko, sanshin, the Okinawan Festival, or appreciation of Okinawan food, history, or art).
Click on the logo for more information. See the app in the sidebar and on Naviance.
Deadline - May 31, 2020.

How do you meet the standard defined in Elevating Your Game: Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor by PCA Founder Jim Thompson?

  • Personal Mastery: Making oneself better
  • Leadership: Making one's teammates better
  • Honoring the Game: Making the game better.
Click the logo for more information.
Deadline - May 31, 2020.
Do you like to make and do puzzles?
Perfect for COVID-19 life.
Deadline - May 18, 2020
Click here to see examples and explore their archives - They are SUPER HARD!
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Alter Scholarship-C/O 2020 $500 male, $500 female Deadline: June 10, 2020
kScholarship from Kaiser's own Aaron Alter - Class of 1975
Download the application in the sidebar or on Naviance.
$2000 monetary awards to seniors.
The applicant does not have to be a member of Oahu Federal Credit Union.
Criteria for selection will be based on the following: 1)Scholastic achievement commensurate with abilities as indicated in nationally accepted aptitude tests.
2)Citizenship and character emphasizing traits of trustworthiness, honesty, integrity, and leadership.
3) An essay of one(1) page about the following topic: Most of us do not like to talk about our accomplishments or activities of which we are proud. But our essay topic for this year is just that. Tell us about something you have done or accomplished of which you are proud, whether or not you received public recognition."
APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE in the sidebar or Naviance.
Deadline - April 8, 2020 - DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAY 15, 2020



Applicants should be a part of a program within a school, nonprofit, senior center, or nursing/assisted living community that connects teens with older adults.  


Students may apply for the scholarship online via the Qualtrics survey platform. Access the online application form here and the online recommendation form here (both are required to apply for the scholarship).

Deadline - May 15, 2020


Offered to high school seniors interested in achieving a life sciences degree. As many as ten (10) scholarships of $1,000 each will be awarded this year.

This scholarship is open to graduating seniors of all high schools in Hawaii who will be attending an accredited college or university to pursue a degree in a discipline related to the life sciences including agriculture, agronomy, biology, botany, genetics, horticulture, plant physiology, chemistry, crop science and soil science. 

Get a copy here, attached in the side bar, or on Naviance.

COVID-19 update:

The application deadline for the Bayer Hawaii Life Sciences Scholarship has been extended to May 15, 2020.
  • students may submit an unofficial transcript instead of an official one.
  • if a student is unable to obtain a letter of recommendation from a teacher/counselor, a second letter from a club or community organization leader may be submitted instead.

k      l

Deadline May 7, 2020
The Friends of Kaiser PTSA is honored to provide cash scholarships to our Graduating Class of 2020. This year the matrix has changed. 

We will be providing a total of 5 scholarships:

1 - $1,000 scholarship for Overall Best Submission, and 
4 - $500 scholarships for Outstanding Entry

The prompt for the scholarship is: What does Kaiser High School mean to me?  

You may submit your entry in 1 of 3 ways: 

  • Essay - Maximum 500 words.
  • A video - Maximum length 3 minutes. 
  • An original piece of artwork with short description. 

Only one entry per person. Please click here to enter: Friends of Kaiser PTSA Scholarship
For any questions or concerns, please email


The Hawai‘i High School Hall of Honor was established in 1982 to recognize athletic excellence and achievements of Hawai‘i’s high school athletes.

Twelve student-athletes are selected annually for induction into the Hall of Honor by an independent selection committee.
$2,000 Enterprise Rent-A-Car college scholarship, which may be used to offset college education expenses (tuition, books, and room and board).
Click here or on the logo for more. See the app in the sidebar.
Email completed packets to 
Deadline - May 6, 2020


Currently enrolled as a High School Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior (2023, 2022, 2021, or 2020);

United States citizen or eligible non-citizen;

Financial need is NOT considered; all income levels are encouraged to apply.

Awards range from $1,000 to $5,000 each with multiple winners to be selected. 

Each award is a non-renewable, one-time award and is to be used exclusively to offset costs and fees related directly to the student’s first year of higher post-secondary education at an accredited institution of the student’s choosing within the US.

Click here or on the logo to apply.

Deadline - May 1, 2020.

WHAT: Students of the Year is a philanthropic leadership development program during which students foster professional skills such as entrepreneurship, marketing, and project management in order to raise funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). The title Student(s) of the Year is awarded to the candidate or co-candidates in each community who raises the most funds during the seven-week competition.
WHO: Candidates are highly-motivated high school leaders leading a multigenerational team. Students may compete individually or as a team of two or three co-candidates. Team members can be fellow classmates, family members or friends who are passionate about the Mission of LLS.
Click here or on the logo to apply. See the flyer in the sidebar for more information.
Deadline - January 1, 2020.
Honoring the legacy and character of our nation’s 40th President, the GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program rewards college-bound students who demonstrate exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship with financial assistance to pursue higher education.


GE-Reagan Foundation Scholar candidates must:

  • demonstrate at school, at the workplace, and within the community the attributes of leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship;
  • demonstrate strong academic performance (minimum 3.0 grade point average/4.0 scale or equivalent);
  • be citizens of the United States of America;
  • graduate from a high school in the United States during the 2019-20 academic year (applicants living in a U.S. territory or commonwealth or on a U.S. Armed Forces base, as well as homeschooled students, also are eligible.); and
  • plan to enroll in a full-time undergraduate course of study toward a bachelor’s degree at an accredited four-year college or university in the United States for the entire 2020-21 academic year.
Click here or on the logo to apply.
Deadline - January 3, 2020 (or until 25,000 applications are submitted)



  • Embody good sportsmanship and strong moral character.
  • Display academic excellence.
  • Are passionate and committed to empowering the community in which they live.
  • Are confident and enthusiastic about being a leader.
  • Come from diverse backgrounds.

Click here or on the logo to apply.

Deadline - January 3, 2020

Each year the AFSCME Family Scholarship Program provides ten $2,000 scholarships to graduating high school seniors that will be renewed for $2,000 each year for a maximum of four years, provided the student remains enrolled in a full-time course of study. The scholarship may be used for any field of study.
Click here or on the logo to apply. See the application in the sidebar.
Deadline - December 31, 2019
New Warrior Scholarships
For high-achieving freshmen students.
Only one (1) application required for all the New Warrior Scholarships!
Deadline - January 15, 2020.
  • high school seniors who have completed an advanced placement computer science course, or who have taken an advanced placement computer science test
  • plan to continue their education at an accredited four-year college or university majoring in computer science, software engineering, computer engineering or other computer related field of study. 
  • Winners of the award receive $10,000 per year at an accredited four-year college or university as well as a paid summer internship at Amazon after their freshman year of college.
$11,000.00/yr for 4 years
Deadline - January 17, 2020
South Pacific Islander Organization
3 $5,000.00 Scholarships
  • Academic
  • Extra-Curricular
  • Community Leadership
  • Pacific Islander descent
  • Attending an accredited institution of higher education in 2020
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA equivalent (for Academic)
Click here or on the logo to apply.
Deadline - January 17, 2020
  • Focus on: financially needy, first generation, strong on community service and leadership
  • Asian, and/or Pacific Islander
  • 2.7 GPA
Click here or on the logo to apply.
Deadline - January 22, 2020


Point Foundation empowers promising lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students to achieve their full academic and leadership potential – despite the obstacles often put before them – to make a significant impact on society.

Eligible applicants:

  • Intend to enroll at an accredited college or university
  • Must be “out” as a person who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ community.
  • Must be enrolled full-time for the full academic year.
  • Must be at least a senior in high school.
  • If selected as a finalist, the finalist must be in North or Central America on April 23-25 and be available to fly to Los Angeles in order to remain eligible for the scholarship. All travel expenses will be covered by Point.

Award amount varies

Click here or on the logo for more information.

Deadline - January 28, 2020

KS College Scholarships

1 Application, 3 Scholarships Available for the 2020-2021 Academic Year



Scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate financial need and complete a written essay.


Scholarship for undergraduate students attending Arizona State University.


Scholarship for students pursuing a career in Hawaiian culture-based educational teaching.

Click on the logo to learn more.

Deadline - January 31, 2020.


Annually, HCF distributes over $4.5 million to deserving students, making it the third largest private provider of post-secondary scholarships in the state. Our scholarships support students who are pursuing degrees from colleges and universities, as well as those obtaining career and technical education at a community college.

For more information about how to apply please download our flyer or read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).

Deadline - January 31, 2020

Awards to persons entering or enrolled in an Associate degree (two-year) program or in a Bachelor’s (four-year) program. 
Available to applicants desiring to major in any field of study. Some preference will be given to applicants planning to major in Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice System, and Public Safety.
Click here or on the logo to apply.
Deadline - January 31, 2020
Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship Program
For minority students
$30,000.00 over 4 years
  • College Expenses
  • Hands-on mentoring
  • Support services
Click here or the logo to learn more.
Deadline - February 1, 2020.


Students who exemplify the qualities of:

  • Hard work,
  • High academic achievement,
  • Commitment to excellence, and
  • Dedication to our community.
Deadline - Hard copies of ALL parts of COMPLETED application and 2 letters of rec to H101 - February 3, 2020, 3:00pm.
Pauahi Foundation Scholarships
Over 100 funds for undergrads
Open to the public, but preference given to applicants of Hawaiian ancestry.
Deadline - February 7, 2020
Click on the logo to apply.
For the 2020 year, each participating Rotary Club will select a student to receive a $5,000 HRYF scholarship for tuition only. From these selections made by Rotary Clubs, an HRYF committee then selects one student attending a mainland university to receive a $10,000 Maurice J. Sullivan scholarship and another student attending a university in Hawaii to receive the $10,000 Joanna L. Sullivan scholarship, instead of the $5,000 Club award.
See the application in the sidebar.
Click here or the logo to apply.
Deadline - February 7, 2020.

Eligible students must:

  • Graduate from a Hawaii high school in 2020.
  • Hold a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75.
  • Participate in at least one sport recognized by their league during their high school career.
  • Write a brief essay on their high school experience and plans after they graduate.
  • Submit two letters of recommendation from school faculty with their application.
  • Submit an official transcript with the GPA verified and signed by an authorized member of the school faculty.

Click here or on the logo for more information; also see the flyer and application in the sidebar.

Deadline - February 7, 2020
$5,000.00/year for 4 years = $20,000.00


Students who have a goal of a career in Business.

An actual major in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, or any other Business field is no longer a requirement provided the student can explain how they plan to achieve their goal.

Submit a two-page business plan sharing information on a proposed business they would open.  

Deadline February 14, 2019.
Click here or the logo for more information.
Mānoa STAR Scholarships
Over 400 scholarships available for freshmen.
Click on the logo to see what you can get!
Deadline - February 15, 2020.
Odo Leadership Scholarship
Students who demonstrate leadership in the community.
  • Resume
  • Essay
  • Personal Statement
Click here or on the logo to apply.
Deadline - February 15, 2020
The Hawaii Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance offers ​two $750 scholarship for high school seniors ​who are interested in pursuing a career in ​teaching​ health, physical education, dance or recreation leadership for the ​2020-21​ school year.
Application in the sidebar.
Click here or the logo to apply.
Deadline - February 15 2020.
Click here or the logo to apply.
See the app in the sidebar.
Deadline - February 15, 2020
Applicants will be judged on having shown compassion, courage, and a strong commitment to promoting a peaceful world through a vegetarian diet/lifestyle. Payment will be made to the student's college (U.S. based only).
Click here or on the graphic to apply. See the application in the sidebar.
Deadline - February 20, 2020
2020 Citizen-Scholar Awards
$1,000.00 guaranteed to a Kaiser Senior, plus chance for county $2,500 or state $4,000 scholarship.
Forms available in sidebar, on Naviance, or in H101.
Note: Principal's signature is REQUIRED on page 1 of the Student Information Form.
Completed applications must be emailed to or brought to Mr. Mc in H101.
Deadline - February 21, 2020, 3:00pm
Photo and Essay - that's it!
Essay - "Why do I want this Scholarship?"
Download the app in the sidebar or get a copy in H101.
Deadline - February 29. 2020.
Kamakaho'ohie Scholarship
  • The Reid J.K. Richards Foundation was established in 1999, in memory of Reid James Kamakahoohie Richards, who passed away following a courageous battle with lymphoma. At the time of his passing Reid was 33 years young and left behind a wife and two young children.
  • The primary objective of the foundation is to provide the support necessary to aid grieving children and young adults who have lost a parent or primary caretaker through death.
Click here or the logo for more information. See the app in the sidebar.
Deadline- March 1, 2020
University of Hawai‘i System Scholarships
Scholarship opportunities are available for students attending any of the University of Hawai‘i campuses.
Deadline - March 1, 2020.
t     h     s      ht
Ho'oilina Scholarship
$12,000 per year for 4 years
Hospitality, tourism or culinary education
Apply to UH Manoa and declare TIM
Click the logo to apply.
Questions: Carissa Gusman: or 808-956-4887.
Deadline extended to March 2, 2020
Two (2) four-year scholarships ($8K per year) to Hawai‘i public high school graduates who enroll at the University of Hawai‘i-West O‘ahu and declare Business Administration - Hospitality & Tourism as their program of study.
For more information, please contact Marnelli Joy Ulep at
Click here or on the logo to apply.
Deadline - March 2, 2020
Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship

Submit original photo, artwork or computer graphics for the front of a greeting card.

Winner will be announced May 6th, 2020.

Age Eligibility: Must be 14 years or older at time of entry and be enrolled in High School, College, University or Homeschool.

The finalists will again be decided by voting!

Click here or the logo to enter.

Deadline - March 2nd, 2020.


Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.


Science and Technology

Academic Scholarship


Our Science and Technology scholarship given in honor of our departed Brother, Dr. Ernest J. Harris. This $1,500 scholarship is
open to both male and female seniors who are pursuing higher education with a GPA of at least
2.5 of a 4.0 grading scale. Alpha Phi Alpha’s aims are “Manly Deeds, Scholarship, and Love for All
Mankind” holds as true today as it did when we were founded on December 4th,1906.

Download the app in the sidebar.

Deadline - March 7, 2020.


Applications ONLY available in H-101, attached here, or attached on our website. Students DO NOT apply online.



Only one student selected from the pool of completed applications will represent Kaiser High. This 1 student chosen as Kaiser's nominee will complete an online application.


The Honolulu Chapter of Executive Women International (EWI) Executive Women International Scholarship Program (EWISP) strives to encourage and assist high school seniors (males and females) in their pursuit of a higher education degree in any business or professional field of study at an accredited college or university. Besides academic performance, a new component of the program this year is based upon financial need using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form.


We are proud to offer this scholarship program as a way to support our promising youths of today and our leaders of tomorrow. Each high school may select one student to participate in the competition. EWISP will be awarding up to $8,000 in scholarships this year. If Kaiser nominee is a finalist s/he must be available to interview on Saturday April 25, 2020 (8am-1pm) for the interview session with EWI of Honolulu's selected judges. Winners will be announced at our awards banquet at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel on the evening of Wednesday, May 13, 2020 (5pm-8pm) (nominee must be available to attend).


The Honolulu Chapter's first place winner will proceed to the EWI Corporate final competition for a chance to win an additional scholarship award, which ranges from $1,000 to $5,000.



The scholarship is open to all high school seniors in public, private and parochial schools.***

Students must use their award toward earning a degree at an accredited post-secondary institution.

A demonstrated financial need.

A minimum 3.00 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

Rule update: Must be 18 years of age or older by December 31, 2020.

Only one student will be represented from Kaiser High.

All applications must be turned in to H101 by 3:00 p.m. March 13, 2020.

s     n
NHSEMP strives to increase the advancement of underserved students in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). In particular, we reach out to Native Hawaiian, Polynesian, Alaska Native, and Native American pre-college, community college, undergraduate, and graduate students.
Comprehensive support involving outreach, recruitment, retention, and placement strategies aim to increase the number of qualified individuals on a successful path to leadership in community, industry, and academia.
Click here or the logos to apply.
Deadline to apply - March 15, 2020
s     b
Better Business Bureau
3 minute video, either
  • An interview with a local BBB Accredited Business owner on the history of their business and why they became Accredited with the Better Business Bureau; or
  • A video to teach your family and friends how to avoid one of the Top 5 Riskiest Scams on the latest BBB Risk Report
Click here or on the logo to apply.
Deadline to apply - March 16, 2020.

500-word essay for BBB’s online magazine Torch Talk on one of the following topics:

  • When researching a company or charity online, how do you make sure that you are dealing with an organization you can trust?; or
  • The latest BBB Scam Tracker Risk Report shows that consumers ages 18-24 have the highest susceptibility for falling victim to scams. Knowing this, what changes would you make to protect yourself and your friends from falling victim?
Click here or on the logo to apply.
Deadline to apply - March 16, 2020.
This Scholarship STOPPED accepting applications as of March 20, 2020.
$1,000.00 and a plaque.
Applications available in H-101, in the sidebar and on Naviance.
This is open to all seniors, 3.3 unweighted, planning on enrolling in collee or univeristy full-time in Fall 2020
Here's a portion of the essay requirement:
    1. An answer to the question: “What is your motivation to succeed in life?”
    2. If you had a chance to visit Taiwan, what would you like to do and why?

The objectives of Taiwanese American Community Scholarship are:

  1. to promote community involvement and social service
  2. to recognize high school seniors with leadership qualities as well as a commitment to public service, and 

to encourage them to pursue higher education

Deadline - April 22, 2020.
Lumana'i Awards 2020
Established to publicly recognize and encourage students of Samoan ancestry to excel in service, leadership, and academics.
This scholarship is open to all Oahu high school seniors of Samoan ancestry, who are in good academic standing.
A recipient in each of 16 subject categories will receive $600.00.
Student must be an active candidate for acceptance into an accredited post-high school institution (i.e.:business/technical school, community college, or 4-year college/university)
Applications available in H101, the sidebar, or Naviance.
Deadline - March 20, 2020.


  • Intended to encourage more women to pursue career paths in information technology.
  • The program is currently available in Arizona, California, Colorado and Hawaii.
$2,500 per year, renewable for up to four years for a total value of $10,000.
Questions? contact Parker Leavitt,
Click here or the logo to apply.
Deadline to apply - March 23, 2020.
s     f

The nominee should be individuals who exemplify the following character traits:

  • are leaders and high achievers
  • are team players and excellent role models
  • have a sense of purpose and direction
  • are caring and compassionate
  • are respectful, humble, and honest
  • are dedicated to serving their community (serving others)
Application is in the side bar, on Naviance, and in H101.
COVID-19 Changes: No Letters of Rec required! No transcript required!
The number of scholarships awarded to each school depends on the amount of points our school receives. Each time you shop with your Maika'i Card, you'll earn Maika'i Points for you and your school. The more points we earn, the more scholarships we will receive! Note: If we receive insufficient points, we are not awarded a scholarship. As of March 24, 2020 we are ranked 28th - buy more and move us up and we can get 2 scholarships!
PLEASE TELL YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS TO DESIGNATE KAISER HIGH SCHOOL FOR THE FOODLAND'S SHOP FOR HIGHER EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP. Our school code is 7539 - Kaiser High School. Designation is required only on the first visit beginning Feb. 19-March 31, 2020
Deadline - March 27, 2020.



Rotary Club of Honolulu long-time member, Will J. Henderson, established this scholarship to assist students from Honolulu with college tuition to give them the opportunity to be successful and to improve our community.  

All candidates meeting the qualification criteria listed below will have an equal chance to receive the scholarship award as we will randomly select the winner from this group.

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Deadline to apply - March 30, 2020

Are you interested in STEM?
Intend to major in engineering, architecture, or construction management?
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Note: endorsement by a Kaiser school official is required.
Deadline - March 31, 2020
Gustav Hannemann Leadership (Samoan Male) and Faiaso Soliai Hannemann (Samoan Female) Leadership Award
  • Demonstrate the academic promise and leadership potential Samoans will need to fulfill their roles as citizens and to contribute to the progress and prosperity of Hawaii and our nation. 
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Deadline - March 31, 2020
Dr. Oliver M Lee Scholarship
Supported by the Tsung Tsin Association for students with high moral character and an interest in the Hakka Chinese community.
Deadline - April 1, 2020


The I’m A Bright Kid Foundation Education Award is a cash scholarship available to students pursuing either an undergraduate or graduate course of study at an accredited college or university, leading to a degree in education.  Education must be the applicant’s MAJOR course of study.  The minimum award is $500.

The I’m A Bright Kid Foundation Performing Arts Award is a cash scholarship available to students pursuing either an undergraduate or graduate course of study at an accredited college or university, leading to a degree in drama, theatre, dance, vocal performance or musical theatre.  The above disciplines must be the applicant’s MAJOR course of study.  The minimum award is $500.

Deadline - March 31, 2020

Here’s what we’re looking for: A video or radio spot created to motivate, persuade and encourage your peers to not drive distracted. You have a unique opportunity to play a key role in spreading this important message. You can speak to your peers on this subject in a way that adults cannot. The more lives you can impact, the more lives you can save.
  • Video - $8,000.00
  • Radio - $2,000.00
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Deadline - Video and Radio April 1, 2020


  • The Hawaii Education Association (HEA) is offering two scholarships of $2,000 each in academic year 2020-2021 to deserving high school seniors who are HEA members, children of HEA members, or grandchildren or legally adopted grandchildren of HEA members.
  • Members must be in good standing and shall have been members for at least one year. 
  • Employees, officers & directors of HEA, and their immediate family members and individuals living in the same household (whether related or not) of such employee, officer or director are not eligible to apply.
  • These one-year scholarships are offered to graduating students who will enroll in any two- or four-year state or nationally accredited institution of higher learning in the 2020-2021 academic year.

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Deadline - April 1, 2020.


Demonstrate support for, as well as to commemorate the historic achievements of, the ILWU

Encourage greater awareness and understanding among young people about the ILWU’s economic, social, and political contributions to Hawaii.

For children of ILWULocal142 members whose struggles made Hawaii the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic community it is today.

Open to the family members of existing, retired and deceased ILWULocal142 members.


Deadline extended - April 15, 2020.

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  • Interest in pursuing a business career
  • enroll in a 2 or 4-year college or university
  • involvement in school and/or community affairs
  • Show academic promise/improvement
  • Evidence of partial self-support to help cover educational expenses
  • 300 word essay - how you will use the funds and how your personal, school, and work-related experiences to date will help you to be successful.
Applications available in the sidebar or on Naviance.
Deadline - April 17, 2020 to H101 only.


Join speakers Frank Green and Gus Cobb-Adams from University of Hawai‘i who will provide answers to questions regarding college admissions and affordability, as well as what steps families can take to see if they qualify for financial aid, including completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


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Deadline - April 22, 2020

Student Insights were awarded the following prizes:

  • One (1) individual prize of a $5,000 scholarship.
  • Two (2) individual prize of a $1,000 scholarship.
  • Ten (10) individual prizes, consisting of $500 scholarships each
scholarships for seniors
It is exceptionally easy to apply:

* NO minimum SAT or ACT score
* NO minimum grade point average
* NO lengthy, time-consuming paperwork
* NO essays
* NO application fees

Simply complete a 15-25 minute online survey about local colleges. You will then be automatically entered into a random drawing for a scholarship award.

Ukulele Festival Hawaii College Scholarship
  • App includes a personal essay: "Describe your educational plans, career goals, any financial struggles you have because of college expenses, and your interest in the ukulele. Also include activities, experiences, awards you’ve received.
    Please type the one page essay and submit on a separate sheet."
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Deadline - April 30, 2020.
$ Amount varies.
Xi Psi Zeta Chapter Scholarship
The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc was organized on the simple belief that sorority elitism and socializing should not overshadow the real mission for progressive organizations - to address societal mores, ills, prejudices, poverty, and health concerns of the day.
Corona update:  We have modified our requirements to allow the acceptance of unofficial transcripts, latest SAT/ACT scores and emailed application packets.
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Deadline - May 1, 2020.