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Employment Opportunities and Information

The World Will Need 637,000 More Pilots in the Next Two Decades


More and more people are getting ready to travel by plane. Who is going to fly them?Airlines, especially those in Asia, have ordered new aircraft worth hundreds of billions of dollars in the past few years as rising incomes boost travel numbers to a record. This has led to a shortage of experienced pilots, a situation that looks set to worsen. The world will need 637,000 more pilots in the two decades through 2036, Boeing predicts. 

Board of Certified Safety Professionals
Young people desire careers that are both personally and professionally rewarding, and the field of safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) practice offers them exactly those opportunities. Safety offers financially secure positions with great opportunity for growth. Students planning on college should consider attending Graduate Safety Practitioner (GSP) Qualifying Academic Programs (QAPs).

YouthBuild Waimānalo
Awesome opportunities for youth ages 16-24 via hands-on learning, mutual respect, education, and ALOHA for self and community. Learn construction by building affordable housing in the Waimanalo community.
Phone: (808) 450-9875
Waimanalo Health Center
Consider utilizing Waimanalo Health Center as a volunteer site for volunteer hours for college and/or scholarships. If youth are thinking about working in the health sector this could be a great start to gaining experience and perspective from a local community health center viewpoint. 
In addition, Waimanalo Health Center is partnering with Goodwill to offer free job readiness training. We’re finishing up our first session (attached) and would like to extend an invitation for any senior youth that might be interested in our second session. Dates are not set yet but if you have youth interested we can put them on our list.
Job For Teens HQ
Excellent resource for: Jobs available by age and company, job search tips, resume help, interview tips, teen labor laws by state, and work permit information.
Caution - navigate with parental permission, and protect your personal information.
Assistant to the Dental Hygienist
Duties include but not limited to the following: assisting the Dental Hygienist(s), sterilization and disinfection of instruments and treatment rooms, taking and processing dental x-rays, data entry of services provided, teaching children proper brushing instructions, scheduling appts, etc.
Contact: Ethel Watanabe-Gongob
Ph: 735-1733
Team Member
Contact: Alexandra Miyasato
Team member
Contact: Alexandra Miyasato 

Swim Teacher's Aide
Leahi Swim School helps Sophomores to Seniors prepare for college. We know that college admission is a very competitive process where acceptance can often depend on how well rounded a student is. Many of our past employees have said that having a summer job with us helped them to build character and responsibility, which ultimately improved the caliber of their college applications.