Student Life » What does Kaiser High School Mean to me?

What does Kaiser High School Mean to me?

This is what Kaiser High School means to us.

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Anna Wood
Artwork by Anna Wood
"Kaiser High School is more than just the name of my school. Kaiser High School is the friends I have made, the struggles I have shared with my classmates through both IB and AP, and the opportunities to travel abroad in Fiji and Japan. Kaiser High School is cheering at football games, getting hit in the head (again) by a flag in color guard, and meeting people from around the world through Model United Nations. But, perhaps most of all, Kaiser High School is the place where I found my voice."
Nicole Iwamasa
Artwork by Nicole Iwamasa

"I used watercolor on a 12” by 9” paper to create my final piece. If I had to answer “What does Kaiser mean to me?” in one word, I would say opportunity. When I look back on my time at Kaiser as a graduating student, most of all, I’m grateful for all the opportunities I received as a student. I was able to participate in sports such as track and field (shown on the top right with the shoes and baton) where I was the captain for the senior season. I also was able to participate in the IBDP programme which prompted my intellectual growth, referenced by the computer and papers in the middle. School events like homecoming and prom are memories that I fondly reminisce, and I tried to display those through the polaroids on the bottom right. The hands forming a heart on the bottom are meant to represent the meaningful relationships I’ve formed with both my teachers and my peers. As I move on to this next chapter of my life, I will never forget what made it possible — the support and opportunities that were given to me at Kaiser."