Graduation Information 🎓

2024 Kaiser Graduation 
May 24th at 6:30PM
Kaiser Stadium 


Deadline to order, December 15, 2023

Graduating seniors who plan to participate in the graduation ceremony must order a cap and gown package from Jostens. Order online at by December 15All seniors must order at least the Cap & Gown Unit. All other items are optional. If you are only ordering a Cap and Gown and no other invitations, announcements, or apparel, the base price is $47.20.

Here is a direct link to the $47.20 unit. Kaiser Cap & Gown.

For those thinking of reusing a cap and gown from previous years, this is our Josten's representative response: 
"We sell the Cap & Gown Unit as a discounted package - it includes 5 things: grad cap, gown, tassel, class cord and diploma cover. We are not set up to order parts individually and they would be more expensive purchased separately with separate shipping costs. Any Seniors trying to use used cap & gown parts would have to at least purchase a new tassel - so it has the correct 2024 date dangle - and the diploma cover, handed to them on grad day. If other parts are missing, like the class cord or cap, there will not be any significant savings or might cost even more overall. The other concern would be possible fading of the blue coloring, depending how old and how the items were stored - it might not match the color of the rest of the class, and would be embarrassing on grad day."