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New Student Enrollment

New Student Enrollment 
View Kaiser High School's registration requirements to prepare for new student enrollment.  Once the student is on Oahu, parent or legal guardian must bring all documents listed in the Registration Requirements and a completed Enrollment Form.

For more information, please visit the Hawai'i State Department of Education web page at: Hawaii DOE | How to Enroll
Student Residence
Students enrolled in Kaiser High School must reside within the designated boundaries as set by the Hawai'i State Department of Education.
The boundaries are from Makapu'u Lighthouse to Moomuku Place at the west end of Kuliouou Valley.
The parents or legal guardians of students must establish permanent residency within these boundaries.
Students who are in the process of moving to the Kaiser district will not be allowed to register without:
1)  DROA (for home purchase);  OR
2)  Proof of Residency
Geographic Exception

Students living out of the Kaiser district who wish to attend Kaiser High School must submit a Geographic Exception Request.

For information about geographic exceptions ("GE"), go to the Hawai'i Department of Education web page at, and/or follow the GE Flowchart for when and where to submit your GE Request Form.
Registration & Student Schedule of Courses

All Kaiser High School students are schedule for eight (8) difference courses per year, with up to eight high school credits.  Classes meet every other day throughout the school year.

For current Kaiser High School students and incoming 9th grade students from Hawaii middle schools, student registration begins in December for the following school year.

For students who transfer in to Kaiser High School during the school year, the enrolling student's schedule of courses will be dependent upon courses they are currently taking and taken at previous schools, and availability of seats in our current classes.

Please also refer to the following:
Graduation Requirements: