Congratulations to the First IBCP Graduating Class!

On April 30th, the IBCP program held a luncheon to celebrate the culmination of a two year program which incorporates the values of the International Baccalaureate into a unique program that addresses the needs of students engaged in career-related education. The program leads to further/higher education, apprenticeships or employment. The IBCP student needs to take complete IB Diploma Programme core classes as a program requirement. 
The IBCP candidates were pleasantly surprised that their parents were there for the ceremonial IB pinning. The IB pin is a symbol of completion of the challenging two-year program. Then each graduate-to-be spoke about how they felt the program positively affected their experience. 
Riley Yee says that the program was a, "versitile and meaningful program. ...In one moment you're taking an AP test, then a hour later, an IB test. They are both totally different." Riley is headed to Seattle University. 
Conrad Morgan actually entered Kaiser High School in time to be a part of the first IBCP cohort. Conrad wanted a program that was challenging yet would allow him time to participate in extra curricular activities. Conrad is currently the President of the Wipeout Crew, participated in Bowling and Volleyball this year. He is excited to continue his education at Westmont College in Santa Barbara. 
"Grateful to be a part of the program." says Felix Krendl who is headed to Ottawa University to study International Business. Felix is the OIA East doubles champion for the past two years in Soft Tennis and recently placed 3rd in Varsity Tennis OIA Championships. He is looking forward to States next week. 
Gabe Scarlett is excited to start his career in Culinary as he has secured an internship with DK's Steakhouse and recently got hired at Roy's Hawaii Kai. 
"CP allowed me to study a wide variety of subjects at a high level...can help me with future employment and studies." 
IBCP Graduates
Pictured above from L to R: Felix Krendl, Connor Morgan, advisor Shareen Murayama, Riley Yee and Gabe Scarlett. 
Congratulations IBCP Candidates! You have set the bar high for future IBCP cohorts. 
Also congratulations to the following IBCP candidates who weren't present: 
Hannah Chen, Jaela Fujioka, Nami Imahori, Taylor Ledgerwood, Maile Ludviksen, Sofi Iosua and Jarrett Takahashi.