Graduation Rules of the Field

In order to keep our beautiful new field in top condition for future classes to enjoy, please adhere to the following rules and most importantly, please make your guests aware of the rules prior to graduation day: 
Gates will open at 5:00pm.
Wheelchairs will have stalls available towards the end of the concourse, next to the Girls Locker Room. 
After the ceremony, all guests will be held until the field is cleared. 
Guests will be allowed on the field for the Lei Ceremony only.
Please wear flat soled shoes, examples; wedges, tennis shoes. Absolutely, no high heels, or stilettos will be allowed. 
Food and beverages must be consumed on the bleachers. Food or drinks will not be allowed on the field. 
Candy Leis must be sealed and closed. 
Confetti, Fireworks and Air Horns are NOT allowed. 
When you are allowed to enter the field, please stay off the track (other than designated walkways). 
Handicap Access to the Field: Please go to the Girl's Locker Room for elevator access to the field. 
At approximately 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm, 2 lanes exiting Kaiser High School will be contra flowed to turn left on Lunalilo Home Road, heading makai direction.  Vehicles will not be allowed to turn right exiting our driveway during this period.  HPD will direct traffic.

Please be advised that there will be no left turn from Lunalio Home Road into the Peninsula from 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm.  
Field will close at 9:00pm. 
For more information, please click here: Graduation Information