Open House Survey Results

Please view infographics below from both parents and teachers.
We are always looking for ways to better our engagement with parents/guardians and students. 
Parent responses to Open House survey
Teachers responses to Open House survey
Here are some recommendations from Parents: 
  • Just to have a more accurate list of which teachers are present and which ones are not so that parents can avoid walking all over campus to find the teacher not there.
  • Consider having more teachers in central places like the library (upstairs and downstairs) so parents can spend more time meeting them and less time walking to and from.
  • Subject signs in the cafe should be BIGGER. Also, having teachers wear name tags (print out last name BIG) and either BIG signs or/and table tent name plates (print out BIG) for each teacher.
  • Perhaps some kind of format that every teacher follows...some you had to stand in line and some did presentations 
  • A scavenger hunt! More information on our awesome teachers!
Some recommendations from Teachers: 
  • Have an Infinite Campus 'how to access' session
  • Showcase students' club work and extracurricular components that account for many of their skills, effort and passion
  • Surprise our parents
  • Reexamine where teachers will be during Open House. Expecting students and parents to walk around campus in the dark, with limited lighting and multiple sets of stairs may be asking for trouble.
  • Spaghetti dinner? 
We look forward to making this event much more engaging, enjoyable and educational for all. Your feedback has provided substantial and important information for us going forth!