Distance Learning Parent/Guardian Survey Results

Thank you so much for those who took the time to respond to our Distance Learning survey. 
The responses were candid, insightful and we all have something to learn. 
Below is a summary of the reponses. The common themes were:
  • Work assigned students is not for a grade, no incentive or motivation to do the work since one cannot improve their grades. 
  • Need more WebEx connect time between students and teachers. Some parents felt that students should be meeting with their classes when they would normally meet. 
  • Need more feedback from the teacher. 
  • Need to have more consistent use of Infinite Campus or Google Classroom to communicate missing assignments. The majority of parents wished to be informed of when assignments are due and not notified once the assignment is late. 
Communication Concerns: 
  • There were multiple platforms to communicate, parents/guardians would like to have it all in one place. 
  • Teachers communicate with students for their assignments and expectations. Parents/Guardians (from the survey) appear to make their child responsible for distance learning and to communicate with their teacher. 
  • While we wish to treat students as young adults, they are still children and need more guidance when it comes to decision making. 
  • The burning, important question is: How can teachers and parents work together to provide children with the guidance to make good decisions about their education? To answer this question is a goal we definitely would like to achieve. 
Distance Learning Parent/Guardian Survey