December Coffee Hour Takeaways

Mahalo to all of the families who joined us for the Morning Coffee and our first Evening Decaf coffee hour! 
The recording of the meetings are here: 
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Here are the takeaways: 

Question or Concern:

Principal’s Response:

When will students be able to return to campus?

We are in the process of rolling out the Semester 2 schedule. Teachers will be voting on the new schedule today and we will present it at tomorrow’s All Families meeting. Addendum: see Semester 2 information.

Wil there be an option for students to continue online if and when we go hybrid?

Yes, there will be an option to opt out of in person classes. Parents, not students, will have to sign and return the opt out form to the office either in person or by mail. Please see Semester 2 information.

Will teachers be teaching in person and online synchronously?

Teachers will have the professional decision to run lessons as best fit for their classrooms.

Only ¼ of the students will be in class and ¾ will be online. Students will be able to personally connect with teachers which has been missing during the pandemic. Teachers will be on their computers and students will be required to bring their computers as well. At some point it depends, the number of students in person will get bigger than the number of students at home. But this is yet unknown and the shifts will happen.

Will the furloughs continue into the 2021-2022 SY?

We’re not sure, it depends on if tourists return to help our state’s budget.


The OIA has presented return to sports options to the Department of Health. They have deferred a decision until tomorrow, Dec. 17th . The OIA has planned many different schedules for as many different scenarios if/when students are able to return to campus. Addendum: DOH has again deferred their decision.

Infinite Campus Updates:

     Teachers are not updating in a timely manner and we see 4 weeks later that their teen had missed an assignment.

      One parent commented that their teachers do update in a timely manner.

Teachers are reminded to update Infinite Campus at least every two weeks. Feel free to email your teen’s teacher directly, please also CC your counselor. So, we can see if this is a problem which need the teacher needs support with.  

We notice that several students’ cameras are not on during online lessons, what is the requirement on this?

Cameras should be on to see that students are interacting with their teacher and class. We will remind teachers to emphasize this to their classes. However, there are some instances where the bandwidth at home is not strong enough to support the camera being on. So, there are inconsistencies that still need to be addressed.

Students are required to wipe down their desks before class, so how will they wash their hands after


We will allow the child to go to the restroom to wash their hands, or use the sink in the classroom – if there is one available.

Attendance: too many different platforms to log on and may cause unattended absences.

Teachers are allowed to use platforms they feel which will provide the students the best platform for learning.

We would like our students to also be more assertive and email their teachers directly. This is also good building blocks for our teens. 

My son has been given an assignment today due on Friday, I thought that this was a testing/assessment period only.

This is the teacher’s decision on what to do during assessment week. The last day is Friday for quarter 2. So, teachers may have an assignment to help boost grades before the end of the quarter.

Why are private schools able to go in person and have sport practices, why can’t we do the same.

Unable to speak as to why private schools are able to have in person and practices. They have different protocols, which the DOE does not have.

If a student has to quarantine, will online classes be made available?

Yes, they will be able to have their classes online until they are cleared to return to school.