Quarter 4 Schedules, Travel Guidelines & Recap Here!

Please go to Quarter 4 - Return to Learn for all updated schedules for the remaining of the year.

From Principal Mew's Informational meeting last night, here are a few Q&A's from our families: 
Q: If my teen is opted out, will there be a chance to opt back in during Q4? 
A: We will assess the situation after the first two weeks of Quarter 4 to see if the numbers and spacing is working. From there, we can discuss next steps. 
Q: Will Summer School be offered and to what extent?
A: Yes, summer school will be offered although not sure exactly what courses will be made available for credit recovery and furthering educational opportunities.
Q: Will Driver's Education be available over the summer?
A: It is up to each school to offer Driver's Education and up to the instructor to be able to offer it safely. 
Q: Will Marching Band be able to play again? 
A: Mr. Bataluna is looking at restarting the program. However, now with spring sports starting, they would need to share the field. So there are several factors in play. 
Q: Questions about graduation will be addressed in a separate meeting with families of 2021. 
If you have travelled during the Spring Break, please ensure to follow the travel guidelines for returning to campus. 


Kaiser requires a mandatory 10-day quarantine from last the leg of the trip. Or, to avoid quarantine, a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to departure. Students will need to provide:

  1. Evidence of travel,
  2. COVID Negative test result, with test taken 72 hours prior to departure. Must use the Hawaii Department of Health approved test.
  3. Submit #1 and #2 to Kaiser High School Health Aide Ms. Kim Halemanu at kim.halemanu@k12.hi.us
  4. If no test was taken, then show evidence of travel and minimum of 10-day quarantine.