Martin Luther Peace Poem Winners

We are so proud to announce that Kaiser High School has taken top honors in the 22nd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Poetry contest. Congratulations to:


Mayor’s Award of Achievement:

Farrah Dinh – 2nd Place, Grade 12

Elana Ingwers – 2nd Place, Grade 11

Carlyn Kagamida – 1st Place, Grade 12

Shelsea-Geo Lonokapu-Sablan - 1st Place, Grade 11

Raine McAngus – 1st Place, Grade 12

Makani Pahili Sua – 1st Place,Grade 12

Emily Westpfal – 2nd Place, Grade 11


Governor’s Awards

Grand Finalist – Shelsea-Goo Lonokapu-Sablan

2nd Place – Makani Pahili Sua


Teacher of the Year – Ms. Sarah Shiroma


Grand Finalist Winner - Shelsea-Geo Lonokapu-Sablan

I heard a rumor that life is born

Within a mother’s womb,

But that’s a little white lie,

And I am of the few that know the truth.


Life is born where the sky meets the sea,

When the rain kisses the flowers

On the eve of spring.

Life is born when friends hold hands

And run across the beach

As waves lap at the sand.

Life is born when children

Invite their classmates to play when it’s sunny,

And they never notice

If the ones around them look or think any different.

They’ll pass the ball to anyone they like,

Because kids understand how to live life.


I heard a rumor that true love is made

When soulmates kiss

On Valentine’s day.

But that’s a little fable,

And I am of the people able to see

The reality.


Love is made where the forest thickens,

When nails dig into dirt,

Wet from fresh dew on the grass.

Love is created when others come to aid

Those who have fallen, those in pain.

When parents tuck their children into bed,

Or bake bread from grain,

Or help their neighbors plant their gardens,

Wish their folks a good day.

Love is found on the side of the street.

People greeting strangers,

They’ll never see again.

Whispers in the wind, fleeting moments,

Putting aside the grief for a while,

To shake hands with someone different.


When we look up at the sky

See the glittering lights that dazzle and shine

That’s love, that’s life.

No matter where we are

We all see the same stars.

Together on earth,

Compared to lightyears, we aren’t that far apart.


To live is to know

That a long time ago

The same stardust formed

A million little people

All connected by the air that we breathe,

By our hearts that beat,

By the blood that we don’t have to spill.


I heard a rumor that the greatest minds question

The reason that we are alive.

But that’s an easy answer,

We’re here to help,

To find joy,

To grow together and prosper,

We’re here to do more than survive.



By: Farrah Dinh

2nd Place

The world sits on a fine line between chaos and peace

As it changes, it inches closer towards chaos

People run rampant, greed and hunger take over

Evil is the root of this chaos

Causing those around us to submit to it

But in the d of chaos, the wars, the riots

There are those that stop fighting

Because they realize that standing on the side of chaos

Will destroy them as a whole

The fighting will tear a hole between every nation, every country, every person.

But if there is only peace,

Chaos will grow as people start to stray,

People will want to start fighting again

Finding any excuse to do so.

Chaos and peace go hand in hand

There must be a balance between the two

Because chaos brings peace

And peace brings chaos.

There must be chaos

To bring peace to the world.

Emily Westpfal 
2nd Place 

Two opposing forces 

Unstoppable death and inevitable destruction. When close to collision our hearts tighten, breathing stops, 

hands come together. 

And by some astounding fortune, it stops 

We get to see another day. 

Our collective heart slows as we take a breath of relief. We are alive. Together. 

Our hands stay woven together like a tightly knit basket This is tranquility standing together, 


Surviving together. 

Opposing forces choose harmony over