New Families Orientation Takeaways

Most importantly - Kaiser High School will be 100% in person. There will be no opt-outs, or hybrid distance learning. 
For alternate learning options, please contact your counselor
Also of importance, students may not join any extra curricular sports or clubs if families decide to take this pathway. 
For full Replay of the recording, please go to: New Families Orientation Replay
Password is: cEcJPAZ4
Here are some important Q & A's from the chat: 




Will students be required to be vaccinated?

Vaccination is not required.  It is highly encouraged.  We will be a vaccination site during the school year.

Will vaccinated students need to wear a mask?

All students and teachers, regardless of vaccination status will be masked in class.


Are you able to provide the percentage of students and faculty who are vaccinated vs. unvaccinated?

Due to confidentiality issues, we are not able to ask for and/or release that type of data.  The Department of Health has a map of generalized data based on zip code that provides this type of data on their website.  It is for these reasons that the mitigating measures will remain in place regardless of vaccination status.


New Student Orientation

Aug 4th

On Aug 4th,do students attend the session their KAP teacher is in?


Yes, please check your schedule and find your KAP teacher. Find your teacher on the NSO schedule and come to school at that time. You will only be on campus during that assigned time and not all day.

If you see a CAF2 on your schedule, that would be the Cafeteria.

Do we go to our KAP first or straight to our first period for the day?

on August 4th, you will report to your KAP class. From August 5th on, you go to your 1st period, or 5th period of the day depending on if it is an A or B day.


Do we have to order  a photo packet?


Purchasing photo packets are optional, however students will take yearbook photos and IDs on photo session dates.  New sudents are scheduled to take photos on Aug. 4 and returning students on Aug. 5 & 6 via English classes. 



For travel guidelines - is it negative COVID test AND proof of vaccination/asymptomatic?  ...or if you can provide proof of vaccination, you do not need a negative COVID test?

If a student travels, do they need both a negative COVID test or 10 day quarantine AND proof of vaccination? Or does proof of vaccination and no symptoms suffice to return to school?


To clarify for the travel questions:  it is one of the options.  A negative COVID test OR 10 day quarantine OR proof of vaccination.


If your teen needs to quarantine, there is no on-line class when in quarantine. However, the student may email the teacher to request make up work , for example.


Return from Illness / Absence

Will teens ever need a physician note to return to school from illness? 

This has been amended to the current three in place - COVID test, 10 day quarantine, or proof of vaccination

Personal Laptops

Question: Last year the kids took lap tops to class; what will the laptop policy be this year? 

This will be addressed later as we are currently upgrading our wifi system.

What kind of laptops do they need?  Chromebooks, windows or apple?


Three is no particular requirement for laptops as a lot of the programs are on-line unless it is one specifically installed on the device.

Conference or tutoring

What is "conferences or tutoring" after the last period of the say? Do all students stay in school for that time? 

It is time built into the end of the day for students to meet with their teachers.  If they do not need to meet, they are free to go.



Does Kaiser have the decision making power to allow student althetes to practice without masks? 

No, we follow the guidelines from the DOE and the Department of Health.

Can my student join more than one sport?

At this time, your teen may not join more than one sport per season. So they must decide which sport to join in each season.

Is it too late to sign up for sports?

Please go to: Kaiser Athletics, scroll down to see information from the coaches and their contacts. Every sport is different.

What time does practice start?

Practices cannot start earlier than 3:00pm to provide time for students after school to meet with their teacher, get tutoring or other.

Coaches have various start times depending on their availability.


How can my teen join a club?

We have over 20 different clubs for your teen to join. There will be an informational session during New Student Orientation day, as well as a Club Rush day on campus.


How do I sign up for eNotes?

Please go to eNote sign up.


How can I get involved?

We will have our first meeting on Wednesday, August 4that 6:00pm via zoom. The link is located in the Kaiser High School Calendar. Just click on the Friends of Kaiser PTSA link and Zoom link and information on how to join will be there.

When do students receive their email?

They will be getting them on August 5th.


How do parents obtain a parent login?

Please email [email protected]


Should we still put money on the lunch account? Even though lunch is free ?


The first meal (breakfast and lunch) is free. Any additional meals or ala carte is not free.

We highly recommend that you do not request for lunch refund at this time in case your teen would like to purchase an ala carte item, or 2nd lunch through out the year.