2021 Reflections Winners! Congratulations!

Please go to 2021 Reflections Winners to view the artists winning entries. 

Visual Arts

1st - Vaiata Yarbrough
2nd – Sekai Apuzen – Ito  - did not respond
3rd – Zhixi Guo – did not respondro

Honorable Mention – Zoe Barnes, Chaz Tsang, Everley Zhao, Donette Kim


Special Artists

1st – Hailey Parker

2nd – Eugene Ham



1st – Jordyn Tagudan

2nd- Evan Kawasaki
3rd – Noran Elshikh

Honorable Mention – Kristen Johnson, Christian Komo,



1st – Vivienne Hill

2nd – Taina Luhia

3rd  - Micah Rosales – did not respond

3rd – Soraya Rosa – Suri Nasserghandi  - did not respond

Honorable Mention – James Franken, Caitlin Lamb



1st – Luke Bender

2nd – Ethan Yang

3rd – Camryn Inskeep

3rd – Moana Glassco

Honorable Mention – Kailani Clark, Sabrina Pallango



1st – Karis Sensano

2nd – Rachel Wong



1st – Trevor Huyn

2nd – Dylan Sukhabut – did not respond

3rd – Neil Frankel



Thank you to all who entered, to the teachers who encouraged you to enter and the Friends of Kaiser PTSA for supporting this contest. 

The top six entries now move on to the Regional level for judging. Then the top three entries from the region move on to the State level. Good luck everyone!