Are you Attending Kaiser High Schoolʻs Graduation? Here are some Important things you need to know...


Field Rules

To protect our new field and have it available for years to come, we need to put these precautions in place: 
  • Wear flat surfaced shoes, such as tennis shoes, men's dress shoes, wedges, slippers. No high heels please! 
  • Please walk on the field and stay within the designated walkways.
  • Please do not bring candy leiʻs. 
  • Food, candy, soft drinks, soda, sunflower seeds, will not be allowed on the field. You may consume them on the bleachers before heading to the field. Water is allowable. 
  • Please no noisemakers, fireworks or air cannons will be allowed. 

Graduation Ceremony Etiquette

  • Please do not attempt to 'Reserve' seating on the  bleachers before the gates open at 5:00pm. Any belongings left on the bleachers will be removed by security. 
  • All families must be seated prior to 6:30 for the processional to begin. 
  • Keep sidewalks clear along the driveway for people with wheelchairs
  • Allow 10 minutes for graduates to get to their last name's Letter, before exiting the bleachers, following the recessional. 
  • Lei giving ends at 9:30pm and the parking lot will close at 10:00pm. At this time, kindly make your way off campus. 

Order of Commencement Ceremony

Processional - Will begin promptly at 6:30pm
Star Spangled Banner
Hawaiʻi Ponoʻi 
Introductions of Honored Guests
Class President
Valedictory Address
Class Song
Principalʻs Remarks
D.O.E Acceptance of Class
Presentation of Diplomas
Alma Mater
Lei Giving will end promptly at 9:30pm 
For Graduates participating in Project Grad, please report to the cafeteria. 


Handicapped Parking

  • Spectators in wheelchairs may enjoy the graduation ceremony at the mezzanine level of the stadium. Access to the field for those that need assistance will be available. 
  • Handicapped parking (placard required) is available in the school parking lot. JROTC attendants will direct vehicles with handicap placard to park in the handicapped parking section. Additional stall are available at the top tier of the parking lot. Notify security for drop off and pick up for the spectators that require extra assistance. 

Bentos Available for Sale 

Hungry? We got you covered, there will be Beef Stew and Chicken Karaage bentos for sale for only $7.00. This is a fundraiser to help Project Graduation 2019. To pre-order, please click here:

Aloha Class of 2018!